Basic Worktop Premix Concrete Casting Instructions

Introduction Concrete by nature is heavy so we recommend that for any larger decorative concrete panel items such as tabletops or countertops that a maximum thickness of 20mm is designed. To create the appearance of thickness we recommend that a “lip” be formed around the perimeter of the item. Following is the basic method by … Continue reading Basic Worktop Premix Concrete Casting Instructions

Concrete Worktop Premix

Concrete Lab Worktop Premix Kit Mixing Instructions Download Basic Worktop Premix Kit Casting InstructionsDownload MIXING Instructions Equipment Required Forced Action Mixer or Paddle MixerSuitably sized mixing vessel (1.5 to 2 times the mix size)PPE Listed belowBucket trowel or similarClean bucket to weigh out water Personal Protective Equipment The following Personal Protective Equipment is advised during … Continue reading Concrete Worktop Premix

What is the recipe for GFRC Concrete?

This does vary because no two cements are the same, sands are of different grades, some additives are stronger than others but the general recipe is as follows; A Equal parts Cementitious Material and Sand (Cementitious Material = Cement and up to 25% of Pozzolan) B Acylic Polymer - 5-6% cement weight C Superplasticiser - … Continue reading What is the recipe for GFRC Concrete?