Concrete and concrete sealer needs heat to cure. Concrete will generate its own heat through chemical reaction but if the ambient temperature is too low then this self-generated heat will be much lower. As a consequence, the curing will slow down and the lower you go, the slower it becomes.

We have found that below 15degC things tend to grind to a halt. But no need to fret! If you are casting in a cold environment then one option is heated blankets. They can be purchased relatively cheaply from various online stores and will help you keep the temperature above 15degC.

If you are prefabricating your concrete then remember the concrete will have an underside that won’t be heated by the blankets so consider using a layer of insulation beneath your melamine mould base.

WARNING – If you are casting outdoors consideration will need to be given to making sure your electrical setup is safe so you should consult an electrician.

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