Firstly, don’t worry. As long as you catch this fairly early you can resolve it.

Curling or warping generally happens when one side of the concrete dries out quicker than the other.

So for example if you have used our Worktop Premix Kit and have left the concrete uncovered in the first 18 hours then the exposed face will dry more rapid than the concrete face in the base of the mould.

Similarly with our Craft Mix if you have cast insitu worktops the top face will dry out quicker if again left uncovered.

Yes the horse has bolted at this point but for future reference, always spray down the exposed concrete face so that it is completely wet, then cover with plastic sheeting, sealing any gaps as much as possible to trap moisture in.

This prevents assymetric moisture loss and therefore shrinkage of the exposed face.

Ok, so you are where you are and you have some curling.

If you have used our Craft Mix and have cast your concrete insitu, you are going to need to grind the top surface level.

If you have prefabricated your worktops, provided you haven’t left your concrete for more than a few days in the mould you should be ok. Demould your concrete now if you haven’t already and place the concrete on trestles so that air can get to all sides. Depending on the direction of the curling adjust your trestles so that the concrete is either flat or so that it can settle into an unwarped state. Now you can process your concrete as per our guides.

If you find that the distortion remains even after you have finished you can place your concrete (eg. on worktops placed on to kitchen cabinets) and glue them down using adhesive and clamps.

Don’t forget that we are here to help so give us a call or ping us a message if you need any assistance.

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